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Soft soldering

Soft soldering is a soldering process.

It is generally known as a type of soldering which does not imply the fusion of the pieces to be assembled.

This procedure is characterised by the use of filler materials with melting temperatures lower than 450 °C and capillary penetration between the pieces to be joined.

It is because of these low melting temperatures of the filler material that this soldering type is called "soft".

The best-known soft soldering is the so-called tin soldering, which uses tin as filler material.

Bragagnolo Renzo Srl supplies tin-lead alloy bars with 50% tin minimum, never less than that, to guarantee a fluent and high-quality tin-plating.

We also supply the de-oxidant (DISO S - 625) to be applied for cleaning and soldering preparation.