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Naturally occurring zinc

Zinc occurs naturally mainly in the form of:

  • complex sulphides (Sphalerite)
  • carbonates and silicates (calamines)

Within minerals, this element occurs by a percentage that goes from 4 to 20% and is generally associated to:

  • lead
  • copper
  • iron

and to a lesser extent:

  • silver
  • cadmium
  • germanium
  • indium.

After the mineral is extracted, it is enriched by a flotation process, through which the part which is rich in zinc, after the use of specific reagents, comes to the surface, while the sterile part remains on the bottom.

A concentrate with 50-55% of zinc is thus obtained, ready for metallurgical processing, with which it is possible to obtain the material to manufacture our products, with almost absolute purity equal to 99.962%, in line with the standards laid down by Mortuary Authorities